2 Chainz Height (Proof & Measurements)

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2 Chainz Height has been recorded at 6’4 officially making him one of the tallest rappers in hip hop currently.

There has always been much speculation around his height since he doesn’t appear much smaller than basketball athletes which has continuously had people ask “How tall is 2 Chainz”

Our editorial provides proof of 2 Chainz height through visual imagery as well as his own lyrics.



Height Comparison

A growing trend and interest towards 2 chainz height started as a result of images of the rapper being seen with pro athletes such as LeBron below.

how tall is 2 chainz

The official NBA site states LeBron’s height at 6’9 making him one of the tallest athletes yet he doesn’t tower over 2 chainz as he would other rappers.


Another comparison we can make is when the rapper is stood next to one of his peers. It’s clear to see the height difference between 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne.

2 chainz height comparison

Lil Wayne’s height being 5’5 makes him one of the shortest rappers and this becomes much apparent stood next to 2 chainz! Regardless of the size difference we get to see the pair make great music together which leads us to another common question asked which is.



Height Proof

How do we know for sure 2 chainz is 6’5? Valid question!

The lyrics to song “Might Not (Remix)” start off with 2 chainz bragging about his height. See lyrics below

2 Chainz Height in lyrics “Bitch I’m 6’5″, I should play point guard for the Hawks

I’m a ghetto nigga, used to eat cereal with a fork”


When rappers aren’t bragging about their money and status it’s their physical appearance which height plays a big part of. 2 Chainz has done this several times and this is just one example.



Does Height Matter in Hip Hop?

Most men place their height on a pedestal and we understand why, however when it comes to the arts height is irrelevant, all that matters quality music.

We believe that even if 2 Chainz stood at 5’5 he would be successful as an artist due to his confidence and consistency. He has been rapping for decades and only improved with time.

Outside of fashion and music a large part of his brand as been built around his size, height and stature and its clear to see why! Wouldn’t you take advantage?


Artist Bio

Name: Tauheed K. Epps

Birth Date: 12 September 1977

Birthplace: College Park, Georgia, U.S

Nationality: American

Profession: Rapper

Musical Debut: 1999

Net worth: 50 Million

Albums: 7 Studio Albums


Final Words

There is a growing interest towards his life outside of music and fashion, with a specific focus on his height, having been spotted with basketball athletes appearing to be a similar size.

Fun fact, the average basketball player is 6’6 which is why the rapper blends in with the athletes at 6’5.


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